HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT VIDEOGRAPHER A highlight reel is a great way to relive your wedding over and over again. Your wedding day will be one of the biggest moments of your life. You don’t want to hire the wrong vendor to docu- ment it. How can you find the right vid- eographer, and what do you ask when you do? We’ve got your guide to hiring a videographer below. About 8 to 12 months from the wed- ding day, you should start meeting with potential videographers. Look on and in Today’s Bride Magazine for local professionals, ask friends and family for recommenda- tions, read reviews, and peruse their website and social media platforms. Video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo will show their quality of work and dedication to their craft. You should definitely favor someone who is a full-time videographer. Profes- sional videographers – like the ones in this magazine – who have experience, a website, and a reliable business will make you feel more comfortable than hiring someone off Craigslist. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and respond to your requests to make your video absolutely perfect. Once you’ve done your research and chosen three vendors to interview, there are some questions you should be sure to ask. Refer to the 40-page Wedding Planner at the back of this magazine for even more! • What new technologies do you have that would make my video unique? • What’s included in the package, and what’s considered an enhancement? • How many cameras will there be? • How long will my video be? The last question is especially impor- tant to clarify, as there are several dif- ferent length options when it comes to wedding videography. A full-length edit is documentary style and covers the en- tire wedding ceremony and reception. It can last 2-4 hours. Storytelling edit- ing is similar to documentary style, but will incorporate interviews from your guests, parents, wedding party, and even yourself. A short-form edit is usu- ally between 30 to 60 minutes and is a more cinematic approach to your wed- ding. It can include color enhancement, music, and even special effects. The most common wedding video, though, is the highlight reel. This short video lasts just a few minutes and incor- porates your vows, toasts, or music over the images. It will capture the most im- portant moments of your wedding as well as candid shots of your guests hav- ing fun. Even though it only lasts a few minutes, videographers are skilled at capturing the emotion and love shared on this day on video. The highlight reel is a great way to relive your wedding every single day. ❤ 1. Sabrina Hall Photography 1 96 | TODAY’S BRIDE READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM