A Helping Hand We’re very passionate about the fact that on your wedding day you can either be the bride or the Wedding Consultant, but it’s very difficult to be both. You want to be relaxed, excited, and fully present on your wedding day – not rushing around perfect- ing final details and taking calls from your caterer! Though you may not naturally trust someone to execute the vision you have in your head, there are just too many advantages to hiring a Wedding Consul- tant – like ensuring that any crisis is han- dled by someone other than you! As you begin thinking about your wedding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding how much to spend, where to obtain specialized services, and how to choose vendors. These worries can mount as quickly as the cost of the wedding does. After the euphoria of your engagement wears off and the re- ality settles in, it’s shocking to discover how much preparation is involved in planning a wedding. If you’re facing decisions like these or don’t even know where to begin, consider hiring a Wedding Consultant! Saves Time & Money It takes a lot of time to perfect a wedding. If you and your fiancé are handling all of the details, wed- ding planning can pile up and take attention away from all the once-in-a-lifetime moments you have left before you’re married. A Wedding Consultant will free up more of your time so you can enjoy the months leading up to your wedding. Not only do they manage your budget and negotiate prices, they are also known for being able to get you special deals with certain vendors. Advises & Organizes While you have a full-time job to focus on, a Wed- ding Consultant will be 100% focused and com- mitted to creating your dream wedding. He or she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t, and will guide you through the planning process and the wedding day itself. They can also help you re- fine your ideas, connect you to the appropriate vendors, advise you on proper etiquette, keep you on schedule, and suggest ways to use your budget wisely. Executes Vision Perhaps the most important role a consultant can play is in orchestrating the wedding day itself. Besides coordinating the vendors, he or she might do everything from gathering your wedding party for pictures to making sure all the seating cards are in place and even calming your nerves. Dedicated to executing your wishes, needs, budget, vision, and more, a Wedding Consultant works to make sure the vision in your head becomes a reality. Years of Experience Being experienced in negotiating contracts with Caterers, Florists, Photographers, DJs and other suppliers, the consultant can save you not only valuable time and money, but put your mind at ease, as well. The consultant can also take advan- tage of discounts not usually available to private parties and avoid costly mistakes, as they’ve done this many times before. Most Wedding Consult- ants offer an enormous amount of knowledge and direction. Their services cover every aspect of the engagement from rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, and receptions to honeymoons and thank you notes. One of the most important things a consultant can do for a couple is to ease their minds and allow them to enjoy the day. Be- sides organizing your event, a consultant will also create a wedding-day timeline to stay on schedule and make sure every de- tail is executed flawlessly. ❤ WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A WEDDING CONSULTANT Dedicated to executing your wishes, needs, budget, scope of imagination, and more, a Wedding Consultant works to make sure the vision in your head becomes a reality. 34 | TODAY’S BRIDE READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM